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Bode is an Engineer, Entrepreneur and a technology enthusiast. He founded Skoolmates® a thriving EdTech start up in Melbourne Australia that matches and connect students to the right schools and programs with hope to mitigate drop out rates due to wrong course and school selection. He has established partnership with over 1000 schools in Australia. Bode brings in wealth of experience in Tech, Finance and the Education sector. When he is not at work he is keeping fit at the gym, helping others reach their fitness goals and raising funds for charities that support children's health and education. A current student in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Stanford Graduate School of Business and a member of Harvard Alumni sprung Hive Global Leaders Community



It all started when...

I had always been passionate about equity in education because I have witnessed heartbreaking stories of people who genuinely wanted, hoped for, worked hard to get an education to rise out of poverty but only had their dreams cut short for lack of funding. I have been in classrooms, made friends with local and international students majority of whom have travelled all the way from their home country to get a chance at studying in prestigious colleges only to abort mid way just before finishing their degrees because of adverse changes in financial circumstances. Many of these are self funded students without scholarships or access to study loans.  I can go on and on about kids in third world countries who have to walk a long distance to school because they can't afford transportation. The classrooms are usually unflattering, positioned in hazardous locations in unhygienic environments but these kids have no choice because they understand how hard the life of illiteracy is.

I have lived and related with cultures that genuinely believe women belong in the kitchen. I have heard that line from an incumbent President of the most populated nation in Africa in 2016...I mean 2016!!! I have seen highly educated new migrants pick up inhumane jobs because they were denied of roles they desired because employers do not trust the credibility of their foreign experience and qualifications. I have seen all of that and more than I can say.  My drive to action was when I got invited to a 3 Day conference held at Harvard Medical School, HIVE Global Leaders conference in Boston, Massachusetts and I asked myself what has life been telling me about the stories that have come my way and what am I doing about it? Then I said... (see video). Despite my humour, (by the way I was responding to a tease from Ryan Allis ) I have committed to my word and will always stay committed to causes that support and promote equity in education.  

I contacted fellow HIVE alumni who had similar mission and Adopt A Degree was born 

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